Tor Flow
Eric Fischer's Locals vs Tourists
Spies in the Skies
How Fast is the LAFD where you live
Submarine Cable Map
Avoiding Surveillance Map Glittering Blue
Satellite Collections
NYTimes Scrolling Map
Prison Map
Land Lines
Invisible Cities (Machine Learning)

Maps Are...

Archives for geo-referenced data

Pictures of the spatial order of the world

Tools for investigating spatial relations

Objects of aesthetic and historical interest

Unsurprisingly likable

Maps Also...

Convey limited versions of the truth

Record things that are constantly changing

Both represent and produce the world

Are a form of power-knowledge

1400 - 1600: Mapping Revolution (printing press)
1569 - First world map (Gerardus Mercator)
1570 - First modern atlas
1600 - 1900: Maps become more prevalent, factual, recognizable to us
1854: John Snow cholera maps
1960s: Geographical Information Systems emerge
1990: US Census TIGER map
1990s: Field of Critical Cartography begins to emerge
1996: Mapquest created
2005: Google Maps revolutionizes web mapping


All the web maps, all the people making them

Special Call-out: OpenStreetMap, founded 2004


Map data is collected by and from GPS, satellites and airplanes (raster data), corporations, governments, communities, people

Web maps != digital maps

Digital = involves computer
Web = accessible by the internet